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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Optical millimeter wave signal generation with frequency 16-tupling using cascaded MZMs and no optical filtering for radio over fiber system

Parameter Values
Bit Rate 10 Gbps
Time window 1.28e-0.08 s
Sample rate 640 GHz
Sequence length 128 Bits
Samples per Bit 64
Number of samples 8192
Sensitivity − 100 dBm
Resolution 0.01 nm
Fiber length 50 Km
Optical power of CW laser 2 dBm
Linewidth of CW laser 10 MHz
Wavelength of CW laser 1550 nm
Dispersion of optical fiber 16.75 ps/nm/km
Switching Bias Voltage of MZM 4v
Switching RF Voltage of MZM 4v
Photodiode responsivity 0.8A/W
Extinction Ratio of MZ-5 30 dB