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Table 1 Comparison of eigenvalues computed with the auxiliary field approach and with the fixed-point iteration, denoted by ω and ωiter, respectively

From: An auxiliary field approach for computing optical resonances in dispersive media

p \(\left | \frac {\text {Re}(\omega -\omega _{\text {iter}})} {\text {Re}(\omega _{\text {iter}})} \right |\) \( \left | \frac {\text {Im}(\omega -\omega _{\text {iter}})} {\text {Im}(\omega _{\text {iter}})} \right |\)
1 6.6e−13 1.2e−10
2 1.0e−12 4.1e−10
3 9.9e−13 4.0e−10
4 9.4e−13 4.1e−10
5 9.3e−13 4.0e−10