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Table 1 Key notations used in this paper

From: On the average secrecy capacity for indoor visible light communication systems

\(\mathcal {C}_{s}\)Secrecy capacity
\(\overline {\mathcal {C}}_{s}\)Average secrecy capacity
APeak power
εAverage power
αOptical average-to-peak power ratio
\(\mathbb {E}_{x}(\cdot) \)Mean value of a variable to x.
ϕEmergence angle
ψIncidence angle
mLamberts mode order
\(\Phi _{\frac {1}{2}}\)Transmitter half-power semiangle
\(\mathcal {R}\)Illumination region
lVertical distance
diReceiver and center distance
OiCenter of di mobility region
uiRadius of di mobility region
ζiStandard deviation of Gaussian distribution
(xi,yi)Coordinate of the receiver
f(di)The PDF of di
tiDistance of Oi and center
ti1,ti2Coordinate of Oi