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Fig. 2

From: Low-noise transfer of the spectral purity of an optical comb line using a feedforward scheme

Fig. 2

Experimental setup implemented to imprint the spectral properties of a selected optical comb line from a mode-locked laser to an auxiliary single-mode laser using the feedforward scheme (green area) and setups used to characterize the resulting frequency noise of the output signal (red area) and the additive noise of the feedforward scheme (grey area). Details about the content and functionality of each part are given in the text in Section 2 (for the green area) and Section 3 (for the red and grey areas). OFC: optical frequency comb; OBPF: optical band-pass filter; PD: photo-detector; LNA: low-noise amplifier; HPA: high-power amplifier; AOFS: acousto-optic frequency shifter; USL: ultra-stable laser

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