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New chapter of Journal of the European Optical Society Rapid Publications

Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications201612:4

  • Received: 12 May 2016
  • Accepted: 13 May 2016
  • Published:

Journal of the European Optical Society Rapid Publications (JEOS: RP) started to publish in 2006 scientific articles in the fields of photonics & optics. JEOS: RP has started from 1st May, 2016 a new chapter, namely SpringerOpen is now our publishing partner. This will be a new beginning in the sense that we work with a professional publishing partner that has a long experience in publishing scientific journals in variety of scientific fields. The new partner will be an important asset regarding the manuscript processing and publication of accepted articles in a timely manner, and all process phases are assisted by skillful and experienced persons of SpringerOpen who are working in the editorial office of JEOS: RP. The same high scientific standard as before will be our guideline for acceptance of manuscripts in the fields of photonics& optics for publication. We continue publication of Rapid Publications and occasionally also review articles and critical reviews. I hope that JEOS: RP’s collaboration with SpringerOpen will be a good start to provide a nice European option for publishing interesting articles on the theory and applications of photonics & optics. Furthermore, I hope that we can offer a dynamic publication forum both in classical and also in new emerging fields that are devoted to, or involve photonics & optics.


Kai-Erik Peiponen

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Photonics, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, Finland


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